Who are we?

Alteo is a biotechnology-based company that has extensive experience in research, product design, formulation and modifications of biorational solutions in the areas of plant nutrition and crop protection.

In Alteo, we are advocates for safe, sustainable agriculture. We seek to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activity through our efficient scientific/technical developments. Our commitment is to create value for our customers through innovation, sustainability and safety.

What do we do?

  • Characterization, optimization and development of resistance inductors with marked effect of phytovaccines and biostimulation.
  • Develop products based on bacterial strains and biotechnological processes to obtain products of interest in bioremediation.
  • Generate products based on bacterial strains and botanical extracts for use in agriculture such as biofungicides, bioinsecticides and biofertilizers.
  • Characterization and optimization of different species and strains of microalgae as a source of organic carbon, proteins and vitamins.
  • Optimization and development of organic and mineral extracts for nutrition use and crop protection.
  • Development of high quality and performance fertilizer formulation.

We are in multiple countries

Our company is present in different Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Coming soon in Costa Rica and Paraguay.