Alteo is a Biotechnology Company

We have ample experience in research and development, product design, and formulation and commercialisation of biorational solutions in the areas of crop nutrition and protection.

Our goal is to improve agricultural yields, while protecting the environment and the health of our users.

Agricultura limpia y sostenible

Nuestro compromiso es crear valor para nuestros clientes y hacerlo de manera sostenible.

We have a biorational focus

What do we do?
Develop products based on bacterial strains for use in agriculture: Biofungicides, Bioinsecticides and Biofertilizers.
Characterization, optimization and development of phytovaccines with a strong biostimulant effect
Development of products based on bacterial strains and biotechnological processes for use in bioremediation.
Characterization, optimization and development of organic and mineral extracts for use in crop protection.
Development and optimization of formulations for high performance and highquality fertilizers, with protective effect.
Design and optimization of formulations for high performance and high-quality products for slug and snail control.
Production of different microalgae strains and species as a source of organic carbon, proteins and vitamins. E.g., Chlorella vulgaris, Euglena gracilis.

Commercial Alliances

Distribution alliance, exclusive for flower crops and unique product portfolio.

National distribution alliance for all crops (except flowers) of a selected portfolio of biorational products.


Alteo is part of Asobiocol, a Colombian association formed by pioneer companies focused on research, development, production and commercialization of agricultural bio-supplies and ecological products.

Sede Palmira, CO

Industrial Park Palmaseca. Unit J-1,
Airport Roundabout, Km 2 to Zona Franca Palmaseca
Valle del Cauca.
Tel: (+57) 314 888 0793

Sede Cota, CO

Highway Bogotá - Medellín Km 3.5 / Business Center
Metropolitano. OFC. B49. Cota, Cundinamarca.
Tel: (+57) 321 811 30 65